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Specifying Mosaics
A mosaic artist offers background information and guidelines for various projects. Read more.

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Clem Labine's Traditional Building
The comprehensive resource for professionals involved in restoring old buildings or designing and constructing new buildings in traditional styles.

Clem Labine's Period Homes
The comprehensive resource for professionals involved in residential restoration and renovation, as well as the design and construction of new homes built in traditional styles.

Targeted information about service providers in the field of building restoration and renovation, both commercial and residential.
A portal site that brings together information about building products and materials, including data on more than 5,000 manufacturers.

Traditional Product Galleries
Traditional Product Galleries is a micro site showcasing—in big, colorful photography—thousands of items tailored to the requirements of restoration and renovation projects and new designs done in a period style, both residential and commercial.

Traditional Building Portfolio
Traditional Building Portfolio is a micro site containing a world of information about traditional building and design, both commercial and residential. It includes hundreds of articles on design and building projects, leading architectural firms, topics of note to working professionals, and major awards programs, along with forums and blogs bearing the opinions of leaders in the field.

Active Interest Media's electronic newsletters provide a continuous stream of information on key topics in the world of traditional design and building: likely products and services for both commercial and residential projects; special in-depth reports on projects and important product categories; and a bevy of blogs providing fresh perspectives from leading figures in the field.

Active Interest Media's Webinars cover a wide range of topics, from window restoration to sustainable building materials. They feature leading experts in the field and provide an effective, efficient way to learn about important topics, while earning credits toward professional and vocational certifications.

The Palladio Awards Program is designed to honor outstanding achievement in traditional design. The program recognizes individual designers, design teams, or both whose work enhances the beauty and humane qualities of the built environment through creative interpretation or adaptation of design principles developed through 2,500 years of the Western architectural tradition.

The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference, Traditional Building Conference Series
World-class educational opportunities and a wide array of resources and products for professionals who work in the field of building restoration, renovation, and historically inspired new construction.

featured product reports
Tomorrow's Arts & Crafts Lighting
No design force gave more innovative form and beauty to the birth of electric lighting than the Arts & Crafts movement of the early-20th century and, it could be argued, no lighting trend has been as influential and widespread as the revival of Arts & Crafts lighting over the last 25 years Read more.

Repairing Terra-Cotta Surfaces
A careful investigation of the conditions is required before recommendations can be made for treatments to repair architectural terra-cotta surfaces. Read more.