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Nothing says "graceful living from another time" quite as much as a Victorian gazebo. These picturesque little structures do more than merely keep the sun and rain off. They also lure strollers in a garden or landscape, offering them a chance to pause, sit down and contemplate a particularly beautiful vista.

The gazebo's invitation to meditate upon scenes of nature is actually a vestigial remnant of the Transcendentalist Movement of the mid-19th century. The Transcendentalists believed that one could best understand the meaning of life and the universe through careful contemplation of nature. And the gazebo was an attractive device for encouraging such contemplation. However, today's gazebos are usually more ornamental than spiritual; a gazebo is a large, visible symbol that you are invoking the attitudes of gentler times gone by.

In the online lists above, you'll find everything from small, elegant wood gazebo kits, to companies that can supply a custom-fabricated wrought-iron or cast-stone pavilion for a lavish estate garden or landscape. A second list includes suppliers of arbors, along with a range of other out structures tailor made for the traditional landscape.